It was right around this time 9 years ago that Nikko and I had our very first conversation. I still remember those initial heart flutters as I realized that there was something really different about this guy. I remember oversharing to my mother all about him, and pretty much anyone else who would listen. Romantic interests were something I had usually been pretty private about in the past, but for some reason, when it came to Nikko, I was compelled to proclaim my feelings for him to everyone and anyone, right from the start. I even remember announcing at a dinner party (full of mostly strangers) that I had just met the man I was going to marry (queue awkward moment). But I was right. Almost 9 years later, we've been married for 8 years, and I'm still gushing way too much about him to anyone who will listen. 

When it comest to things that are meant to last forever, I can be picky and overwhelmed by the thought of such a major decision. But when it really comes down to it, I usually know my answer immediately. It was like that with Nikko, and it was like that with my wedding band, which, after 8 years of being married, I FINALLY found!!!  

When Nikko and I first started dating, it was long distance - and stayed like that for 3 months, until he packed his bags and moved to San Francisco to be with me. The wait was excruciating, but well worth it (obvs). And when I saw this wedding band from Vanessa Lianne's newly launched Bridal Collection, it made waiting 8 years for the perfect ring totally worth it too. 

I love how delicate and unusual it is with just the perfect amount of sparkle. And while it looks great stacked with my engagement ring, I've been wearing it a lot on my right hand for a more modern look. It goes with all of my favorite accessories as well (this look attests to that). It's also the perfect symbolism of being a grown up, but doing it my own way. 

My entire journey has happened because I insisted on doing things my own way. From marrying the love of my life in Vegas 5 months after meeting him, to moving to Australia for a year on a whim, to several unique career choices, to buying an unconventional property in the middle of the desert. It's been a fabulous adventure and I wouldn't have it any other way. And this is just the beginning ;) 

Sending you all lots of love and I hope you have an amazing week!