There's nothing like a slinky whisper of fabric in jet black to make you feel like you're the heroine in a film noir classic. Pair it with delicate metals (lots of them), and you've got a recipe for perfection. 

I've started thinking a lot about holiday looks, as, tis the season, and how to do it a little differently this year. I like the idea of adding a little more effortlessness to it - afterall, the holidays can be so crazy, it's nice to have something that takes minimal effort. Another thought - finding pieces that you can wear long after the holidays. Anything to avoid piling another dress you probably won't ever wear into the back of your closet, right? 

Speaking of the holidays, we got to Portland late last night, and are spending the day exploring before continuing to Seattle for Thanksgiving. Anyone have any suggestions for where to go? 

P.S. There's only a few short hours left to enter this amazing giveaway, hosted by the Great Mall - enter to win up to $1,000 in gift cards HERE.

Have a good one!