Babymoon Beauty Essentials

We took our babymoon just around when I was 19 weeks into my pregnancy. It was just at the right time for me to pretty much feel like my normal self (In fact, I think I had more energy than before I got pregnant) so that we could do all our normal favorite vacation things. However, it was also just around the time where my pants (and all my shorts) didn’t fit anymore - and when every single one of my bikini tops just looked completely obscene on me.

Add to that a delayed order containing stretchy maternity shorts and bigger bikini tops, and I was left with pretty much one suit that actually fit well and one pair of denim shorts that I could pretty much only wear open and rolled down a-la Britney Spears groupie circa 2003.

However, I still managed to pack pretty well for the trip, with plenty of stretch body con pieces and flowing dresses. As for beauty, which is actually the thing I always focus the most on when I pack, I pretty much killed it. For the most part, everything I brought along for the trip was from Biossance, and then tossed in a few additional items such as the Honest CompanyOrganic Belly Balm and my Vital Proteins Collagen (which I definitely consider to be a beauty product).

The real heroes of the trip however, were my Biossance Sqalane + Mineral SPF 45 sunscreen, which I was super impressed with, as well as the new Biossance Tea Tree Oil collection, which blew my mind! I love the Biossance Squalane + Mineral SPF 45 sunscreen, which is mineral based and leaves out all the harmful ingredients that so many sunscreens usually contain - but also does not leave you looking like you are wearing a white sheet mask when you apply it. In fact, while it initially comes out thick and white, it sinks right into my skin and turns transparent within seconds, leaving me with touchable, smooth skin.

I took along every item from the Tea Tree Collection, which consists of the Squalane + Tea Tree Balancing Oil, the Squalane + Tea Tree Cleansing Gel (Biossance’s first cleanser aside from my beloved Squalane + Antioxidant Cleansing Oil), and the Squalane + Tea Tree Detox Mask.

I found that traveling was the perfect time to try out all three of these, as I tend to break out more when I travel than when I’m at home - and until discovering these products, I had yet to find products that fought blemishes but didn’t dry out my skin and that were also gentle, clean, and effective.

One thing I love about the Squalane + Tea Tree Balancing Oil is that really helped to instantly make my skin look and feel less congested, but it still moisturized for a healthy glow. I used it morning and night and really looked forward to putting it on! I even brought it to the beach and reapplied it after jumping in the ocean, as it just felt so good to put on!

I used the Squalane + Tea Tree Gel Cleansing Gel every night to help get off all that extra grime from our adventures (we spent a lot of time and long hours outdoors in high heat, going straight from long hikes to the beach, to visiting farms, and going downtown for dinner). Unlike a lot of other gel cleansers I’ve used, which I have found can strip the skin of all its moisture, this one simply helped keep my skin from accumulating too much oil - but still left it balanced and clean!

As for the Squalane + Tea Tree Detox Mask, I used it twice on the trip. The first time was the night after landing to help undo all that airplane and travel gunk, and the morning before our flight back home. It prepped my skin for a trip where I felt comfortable wearing a lot less makeup (I prefer going bare-skinned in tropical destinations), and again before hopping back on the plane. I also used it again a few days later after arriving home to keep up my vacation glow!

Throughout the rest of my pregnancy, I’m definitely keeping this set close on hand - and I have a feeling I’ll be turning to them quite a bit during postpartum as well, as I’ve heard that this is a time when several women tend to find themselves breaking out - but that breastfeeding can also dry out your skin. To me, these seem like the perfect products to address both issues, should they arrive (knock on wood)!

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