5 Places To Visit in Pacific Heights

This is mostly an excuse to show off this amaze jumpsuit from Misha, but while we are at it, here are out top 5 favorite haunts in Pac Heights, should you find yourself in San Francisco…

Jane on Fillmore:  One of my favorite lunch/coffee spots - try the super healthy salad. The name is literal, it's so delicious, and very filling!

Juicy News: Hands down the best place to get the magazines you just can't find anywhere else. I could seriously blow all my money here - and this is where I got my limited edition Kate Moss Playboy But alas, they are going to have to relocate, which is so so sad! But if you love printed mags as much as I do, you can help save Juicy News by donating here. Every dollar counts!

Bun Mee: They have vegan banh mi! And also non-vegan bahn mi that apparently is delicious too. A great spot if you want a grab-and-go kind of meal. I love taking the smokey eggplant bahn mi to nosh on in Lafayette park. 

Chouquet'sThis is my favorite restaurant in the neighborhood. I love their Smoke Trout Mache Salad but everything on the menu is good. The atmosphere is very cozy and you can easily linger here comfortably for a leisurely meal. 

Clay Theatre: My favorite theatre in SF. They show a great selection of art flicks and foreign films and they always have something good on the bill. I have a personal weakness for French films, and they supply these regularly. However, check ahead to make sure you know the schedule! And if you accidentally missed your film like I did during our last stay, you can also head to the Sundance Kabuki Theatre down the street, which usually has a good Indie flick or two. 

Photos by Nikko DeTranquilli