Double Brunching in Seattle

I wore this maxi for what turned into a day of café and restaurant hopping in Seattle. Before the visit, my sister and I made a pact that the trip would be a detox weekend - but instead, we ended up going to as many restaurants as possible -and even threw in a few double brunches! While I did return home with a food coma, I'm still glad we did it because there so many incredible places to eat in Seattle.  Here are my top four favorites: 

The London Plane: Every inch of this cafe is supremely photogenic. The building used to be a bank with lofted walls of windows that bring in the most gorgeous light.  You can also buy select meats, kitchen items, and flowers.  We missed lunch (I was hoping for the avocado toast) but I settled for a fig tart which was so fresh and chewy. I could easily spend all day inside this lovely space and I'm definitely planning on returning for that avocado toast!

The Pink Door: Deeply embedded within Pikes Place (which I can't get enough of - fresh flowers, locally sourced food and seafood galore), you can either sit indoors outside for a water view. We've eaten here every time we come to Seattle as it's Nikko's favorite place. I love their salads and he can wax poetic about their meatball subs for hours. 

Arabica Lounge: We drove by this adorable coffee stop while we were looking at properties in Capitol Hill, and I made a mental note to return for brunch the next day. The decor in here is really eclectic and multi media.  I love the mix of objects - including beautiful panels of wallpaper, bronze candlestick holders, and a black and white tv. This is the place for eggs. I orderd the soldier eggs, which came with fresh strips of bread with prosciutto wrapped around the end (meant for dipping in the soft boiled eggs). While Nikko and my sister enjoyed the prosciutto, I was particularly enamored with the little toy soldiers that came with the dish.

Bar Ferd'nand: This is the first place Nikko and I wandered into when we helped my sister move to Seattle a year ago. It is truly an inspirational atmosphere. Mostly a wine spot, it also has a great little coffee bar and you can also pick up fresh flowers and other little treats while you're there. It is also home to my favorite table in all of Seattle. That might sound weird unless you actually see it, in the far back left. Such a cool space.

Have you eaten in Seattle? Any places I missed that I should know about? 



Photos by Nikko DeTranquilli