We're Having A Baby!

First off, I want to acknowledge and apologize for the huge hiatus on this blog! Things have been…. busy, to say the least! The end of last year and the beginning of this year kicked off with a bang - from Nikko taking off to Morocco to compete in the World Cup for Footgolf (as team captain for Canada!) to gearing up to work on set in LA as the Creative Producer for the upcoming movie, Asking For A Friend (written and directed by my cuz, Kelsey - lots more on this later), to perhaps the biggest game-changer of all.

Right as Nikko took off for Morocco, I started to feel really sick. Like, really really sick. Like, lie on the bathroom floor mentally writing my will sick. At first I thought I had food poisoning. But considering that I was also freakishly hungry at times, I decided it was a parasite. And I was kind of right?

It wasn’t until my sister came to visit me that I realized what it was. And by realizing what it was, I mean my sister insisted that I was pregnant, drove me to the store, and bought me a pregnancy test, despite my ongoing insistence that I was not pregnant, but actually dying (I can be stubborn sometimes). I peed on two separate sticks, which within less than the prescribed amount of time, told me ‘girl, you are pregnant AF!’


Now, I’ll be honest. I’ve never really even been sure I wanted kids, and same for Nikko. But the minute I realized that this was real, I couldn’t help but imagine a tiny little Nikko running around our house. And from that image on, I was totally in love.

I’ve alway wished I had known Nikko as a little boy. He was a kooky one and the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! So the idea of, in a way, getting to meet mini Nikko, was too much for me. It was like having a wish come true. And then when I saw that first ultrasound and watched our baby kicking and waving his hands at us (he even did a flip!), my heart was stolen forever. I even cried through my entire urine sample, post sonogram, and burst into the nurse’s office shouting, ‘my baby is a badass!’

While I don’t have much of a baby bump to share (the women in my family tend to show their pregnancy up top for the first few months if ya know what I mean), here are the two I have so far - and you can definitely see a difference! The first one is at 13 weeks - and the second one is at 15 weeks.





I’m hoping to do one every two weeks or so so I can actually track growth!

As for the pregnancy itself, I would say overall, it hasn’t been too difficult aside from those first few weeks of nausea that came to a quick halt soon after taking the test. It lasted around 2 weeks and then suddenly, I got my energy back. I was even able to do 12 hour work days from 3 pm to 3 am 14 days in a row for the movie without too much difficulty, which was a huge relief.

Cravings wise, I’ve really only been craving healthier stuff like salads, fruit, seafood, and smoothies. The only two weird ones are a pressing desire to eat all the ice cream in sight - which I’ve been doing as much as I want, and the other is a big, bloody steak - which is super bizarre considering I’ve been a vegetarian for over 8 years. I’ve decided that at 6 months, if I still want a big bloody steak, I’m going to have it!

Can’t wait to keep you up to date with how this pregnancy goes as well as plans for once it arrives. Oh, and did I mention it’s a boy? I’m going to get my mini Nikko after all!