Vintage Must-Haves

/   HAT   /   EARRINGS   /   SWEATER   / JACKET (vintage, similar   HERE     and     HERE  ) / JEANS (old, similar   HERE  ) / BOOTS (old, similar   HERE     and     HERE  ) /   PURSE   /

/ HAT / EARRINGS / SWEATER / JACKET (vintage, similar HERE and HERE) / JEANS (old, similar HERE) / BOOTS (old, similar HERE and HERE) / PURSE /

When shopping for vintage (or stealing it from fam), don’t overlook the men’s department - as some of the best vintage finds can often come from there - like this velvet vintage men’s blazer, for example.

While we don’t tend to wear head-to-toe vintage, incorporating a few key pieces can give any look level of individuality that an all-contemporary ensemble can’t.

Personally, we like to focus our vintage on items worn regularly, like outerwear and accessories. A good vintage purse can last you a lifetime - and can give you way more mileage than waiting for your new ‘It’ bag to come around again as vintage… although we like to do that too…
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