Last week, we were gearing up to head down to Cactus Mountain when, due to unforeseeable events, we had to cancel our trip. And since we may not get to make it back down there for another month or so, what with Fashion Week just around the corner, I'm using this time to get organized and settle into some kind of a routine - even if it is just for a beat or two. 

We have a ton of Hawaii photos still to post, but I thought I'd take a break and bring it back to reality for a moment with this look we shot a little while ago as we were running errands. This was in a random parking lot and for some reason, that all of a sudden, looked a lot prettier than it usually does, so we thought why not give it a try? Turns out, it's the perfect place for showing off the jeans I have been wearing non-stop. I've been looking for the perfect pair of flared jeans for a while, and I finally found them! Plus, they have already have that lived-in feel that makes them perfect, the first time you put them on. But soon enough, that live-in feel is going to be the real deal, as I don't see taking them off any time soon...