While emphasis is often on gowns and dresses when it comes to weddings, one thing I’ve always found fascinating is how much variation you can actually have when it comes to menswear. This is something that I’ve always admired about Nikko’s style, as he has always been so good at adding thoughtful, signature touches of personality to classic looks. His wedding attire was no different.


A trick we both love is to start with larger, classic items and then add personality in the details. Nikko picked a slim-cut, fairly classic suit from ASOS as the base of his look - but instead of going for a solid button down, he opted for this incredibly gorgeous, printed Ventura shirt from Trumaker that was made-to-measure specifically for him.

One thing we both really liked about this shirt, aside from the print and lightweight, cotton material, is that it was short sleeved - it’s such a cool twist on formal wear (and perfect for a summer wedding in Italy). The print also mixed perfectly with his polka dot pocket square, providing that perfect large-to-small print ratio that makes print mixing work so well. And then he finished it off with an unexpected pop of color with his Trumaker Fulton Matka tie, using it to add just a touch of texture.

Since we both prefer slightly more casual elements to even our dressier looks, Nikko swapped to a more casual feel after the ceremony by going tie-less and switching out his brogues for a pair of K-Swiss kicks. I’m such a fan of suits with sneakers - especially for a summer wedding!


One thing that made it really easy to add casual elements to the look without going sloppy is the fact that his pieces fit him perfectly. I can’t stress how crucial this is - especially when it comes to taking risks. Fortunately for us, ASOS is always pretty on-trend with the new cuts, and having a custom-fit shirt from Trumaker seriously made all the difference. (They’re available nationwide, but if you live in California, I can’t speak highly enough of our outfitter Lauren (let me know if you want a reference). She came to us, worked around our schedule, and was so precise with her measurements that she nailed it on the first try and I have literally never seen a shirt fit so well. Plus, she instantly grasped what we were trying to go for styling wise and made some fantastic suggestions - we’re Trumaker fans for life and plan to do a lot more shopping there - especially since they do business and casual! Already eyeing the new new denim line