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Every time we go to Toronto, lot of my time spent is spent eating - and for good reason. There's a wealth of incredible restaurants of almost any type of food you could possible want (minus Mexican food, which, while there are still some good places, like Seven Lives Tacos for instance, are still hard to compare to most taco trucks in LA. 

We shot this look after one of the best brunches I've had in a long time (note to self - midriffs, brunch, and an unexpected downpour are not an ideal combination) at Cluny Bistro in the Distillery District - one of the more touristy areas, but also one of my favorites, both because it reminds me a little of Ghirardelli Square, and also because it's just so pretty. Plus, it's home to my favorite chocolate shop in Toronto. And now my favorite brunch spot! 

I could probably write a book about my food experiences in Toronto - but to sum it all up, here are my top fave places, and what I like best about them: 

Cluny Bistro:  Amazing for brunch and a beautiful, spacious setting. This is classic French food and everything is beautifully executed. Coffee comes with a macaron, on and we were also treated to their bread baskets - one sweet and one savory. I also ordered the Chilled Layered Crab Salad (crispy poached eggs, quinoa, avocado, crab, cucumber and lime) which was so fresh, and also to die for.  But back to those bread baskets. Let's just say they were good enough that we started talking about buying a condo nearby so we could live on the bread...

Portland Variety: I'll admit I originally wanted to come here because I saw a photo of their dishware and needed to know where it was from (still looking, but I have some leads). Bonus, their almond milk latte was pretty yummu, and their pastries are super delish. While we were there, we saw the food and left us wishing we'd stuck around for lunch.  Only so many meals in a day, right? Next time.... next time. 

Campagnolo: Hands down my fave meal in Toronto. I had the Antonio's Salad (sans Asiago), which was like a stewed chickpea salad - fresh, simple, flavorful and completely melted in my mouth. Speaking of mouth melting, the Salted Caramel Budino was other level ridiculous - so good, that it elicited an array of publicly inappropriate sounds as it was devoured.  While I generally eat exceptionally clean, I broke all my rules for this dessert, and it was well worth it. Two days later, we went back for more. I'm craving it as we speak. 

People's Eatery: We had planned on going to 416 Snack Bar that night, but ended up at People's Eatery instead - no huge loss, as they're owned by the same people and just as delicious. Think Tapas but with a definite Asian infusion. We ate a LOT of different things, but my two favorites were by far the General Tso Fu (perfect texture. this is tofu even a major meat eater will find themselves craving), and the Hwe Dup Bap (sashimi salad). Honestly, there wasn't a bad plate on our table. Highly recommended. 

Other places worth a mention: 

The Drake for a great outdoor eating area (fun fact, hubby and I had one of our first traditional 'dates' here a million years ago), and a pretty yummy menu to boot

The Sovereign: for their coffee and insanely good salted caramel scones (if you go, ask for the 157 - it's their version of the perfect Americano - made with water at 157 degrees for a smoother, richer taste.) They know their coffee here, and you can taste the difference. 

Any places you know about that you think I should check out in Toronto? Already planning my next trip - stretchy pants are already packed!