We shot this on our first day at the Parker Palm Springs during Memorial Day Weekend. love that the hotel is like it's own little world. It kind of reminds me of The Labyrinth, in a way. We were there to just simply enjoy Palm Springs before heading over to Joshua Tree to finish paperwork on our new place. Knowing how much work is headed our way, it was so good to be able to just relax and gather design inspiration - something that is abundant in Palm Springs - and when it comes to interior/exteriors, it's right up Nikko's and my aesthetic alley, so to speak. 

To me, the Parker is the perfect mix of social and isolated. The landscaping make you feel at ease, like you are all alone, but that there's fun and games right around the corner. Which there was. Literally. Let's just say that I'm now a bocce ball pro - and any place that just has lemons scattered about the property is a total win in my book. 

More soon...