TOP  (similar   HERE  ). SKIRT (in blue   HERE   and in white   HERE  ).   SHOES  .   BAG  .   EARRINGS  .   BANGLES  .   RING  .

TOP (similar HERE). SKIRT (in blue HERE and in white HERE). SHOES. BAG. EARRINGS. BANGLES. RING.

Mesh separates and sheer cutouts. 

An added perk of marrying a Canadian is that you indirectly inherit their holidays, which means you instantly get the opportunity to celebrate Thanksgiving twice each year. Since Nikko's brother has been staying with us and helping us with Cactus Mountain (HUGE developments renovation wise by the way, check out the progress here) and because it was Thanksgiving in Canada yesterday, we of course had to go all out with the feast. Which meant a day spent running around US supermarkets attempting to gather ingredients far before the stores are appropriately stocked. 

When you want to be a part of everything Fall that is happening around you but the weather calls for the antithesis of bundling up, what do you? Wear a Fall inspired outfit with plenty of ventilation built in. Thus my wide knit mesh top and a festively hued skirt that had me twirling a little more than shopping.. 

Hope you had a happy Canadian Thanksgiving slash Columbus Day!