Feature: Interview With Locale Magazine

You may have seen from the onslaught of Instagram stories that I posted, but I recently had the opportunity to shoot for LOCALE Magazine, as well as do a little interview for their La Quinta insert. I’ve been a huge fan of this gorgeous magazine ever since we moved down south, so working with them was a complete dream!


I also got to talk a little bit about failing forward (my favorite approach to pretty much anything in life, because it forces you to take risks), the movie I’m assistant directing and creative producing, Asking For A Friend (more on this soon as we are ramping up production now), and what it has been like to build and run vacation rentals with Nikko.


Plus, I got to ride some sick modes of transportation - namely the Pedego Bike and…. an Aston Martin (inadvertent bucket list check right there).


Look out for it in LOCALE magazines all over Los Angeles, Palm Springs (and Coachella Valley), and San Diego and view it online HERE. It will be running over the next few months in different issues, so make sure to keep your eye out!