When I find a new brand or label that I'm crazy about, I can definitely get a bit fanatical - which is exactly how I felt when I discovered Nicobar. Why am I fan-girling so much? Let's put aside the quality fabric, the gorgeous draping, and the refreshingly simplistic elegance of each design for a moment, and focus on the fact that Nicobar is a direct to consumer label that encourages thoughtful, meaningful purchases and a direct relationship between the creators and the buyers. To me, clothing is a direct reflection of lifestyle. Select things in a mindful way, and your life will reflect that. 

Now back to the clothes. I've never really wore kaftans until I slipped this one on - and ever since I have, I've been wearing it nonstop - from barefoot around the house, to with tennis shoes and a wide brim hat for excursions in Palm Springs, to belted or knotted with slides. It's easily the most airy, comfortable thing I've ever worn and the options for wearing it seem limitless. 

Hope you're having a lovely Sunday!