One thing I've been consciously trying to do is find pieces that work for every season. It's a small part of the way I've tried to alter my dressing philosophy, opting for more quality pieces that I can wear more often. This tunic is definitely one of those pieces. With the heat the way it is right now, it's quite easy to wear this as a dress, with the high slits adding just a hint of sex appeal to an otherwise understated silhouette. 

But come the cooler months, I'm really looking forward to slipping on a favorite pair of jeans, culottes, or wide leg trousers and either a trench or a leather jacket. And who knows, I might even play around with skirts, if I'm feeling adventurous enough... the layering possibilities are already making look forward to fall - although for where we are, that's quite a ways off... 

How would you wear this tunic?