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/ TOP / SHIRT / PANTS / SHOES (Manolo Blahnik, similar HERE) / EARRINGS

It's been a little difficult to get back to real life - I've been bouncing back and forth between being glued to the news and trusted media outlets, and unsuccessfully attempting to avoid it. It's felt even stranger to go back to talking about ruffles and lipstick and the holidays after the entire world, including myself, has been consumed with such an aggravated political situation. And to be honest, it feels a little like resignation to taper off from talking about it. But I suppose, as with anything, balance is necessary, particularly in a time like this. 

Regardless of the intense levels of anxiety that have surround this time, there's one thing I've resolved to do in my own personal life - and that's to practice empathy and maintain open paths of dialogue - including with those who don't fully agree with me. Because the first step towards closing a divide is communication, and quite practically, no one can hear if both sides are screaming - or have turned their backs, right? 

So here's my question for all of you - what are the best things that have happened to you this past week? Have you done something to help someone else? Has someone extended unexpected kindness towards you? 

Sending you all love and a little reminder to care for yourself and those around you! 



Photos by Kelsey Bollig