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/ SHIRT / SKIRT / SHOES (similar HERE and HERE) /

How do you wear the new proportions? A lot like cake. You layer, layer, layer. With the gargantuan shift towards oversized as of late, getting dressed has just gotten a lot more comfy, and a whole lot more reminiscent of childhood dress-up boxes filled with overgrown, grown-up treasures. Back when you were a wee thing, did you ever make dresses out of your dad's old workshirts? Or a blanket and a belt? Or wear your mom's old mini like a midi skirt while wading in her knee high boots? Because I certainly did. 

And all the joy of a fearlessly playful approach to fashion has, in many ways, come flooding back. Except this time, not only do we get to swim around in oversized grown-up clothes, but we also get to do grown-up things, like stay up past 10, drive cars, and use four letter words.

That fearless playfulness - how easily that is lost when we hit those awkward years and the painful, teenage self-awareness that goes with it. In many ways, the years prior were my best, sartorial wise. I took risks. I put things on for the fun of it.  And I had way more fun with getting dressed. 

This new take on proportions is a chance to reclaim a lot of that, including the joy of putting something on for the fun of it. Want to wear your sleeves extra long even though it's hardly practical and there's a high risk they'll be accidentally dipped into your Americano? Sure, why not. Feel like slipping into exaggerated boots and a lace mini that's more like a leather sack than a skintight number? Course you do. Because when it really boils down to it, we had it right at the very beginning. It's fun. And in some ways, that's really what fashion should be about, shouldn't it?