/   DRESS   c/o  /   SHOES   c/o Lulus /    HAT c/o   (also similar   here  )/ RINGS (see below)

/ DRESS c/o  / SHOES c/o Lulus /  HAT c/o (also similar here)/ RINGS (see below)

After being together for almost 10 years, Nikko and I have celebrated Valentine's Day numerous ways. From romantic dinners, to long distance, to spending the day with friends, every year seems as though we've done it a little differently. This year, with all of the renovation stuff going on, we decided to get away from it all for a bit with a little staycation at one of our favorite spots (stay tuned to my Instagram to find out where).

This year, I also got an extra special Valentine's Day gift in the form of a diamond signet pinky ring, with my mantra inscribed on it, from one of my favorite jewelry designers, Vanessa Lianne. I've been eyeing this ring for so long - and was so excited to not only finally get to wear it, but to have my personal mantra: DGAF inscribed. 

So what does DGAF (Don't Give A F*ck) mean? It's a reminder to let the little stuff go, to care passionately about the big things, to never let fear or the feeling of not being enough get in the way, and to always maintain my own sense of joy, no matter what the world is hurling my way. 

From the moment I slipped on this ring, I've already caught myself looking down at it countless times as a reminder, and to be honest, it's been pretty empowering. 

Do you have a mantra? What would you inscribe as a reminder to yourself?