One of the things that interests me the most about beauty is being able to take a holistic approach. It's part of the reason I'm such a strong supporter of Biossance, as a large part of their focus is to hep women become their most radiant from essentially every angle, starting with skin, but including mental and physical health, and of course, self-love. 

Even though I'm often overwhelmed with a million projects throughout the day, one thing I always make sure to do is to take a little time in the evening to myself. It's more a ritual than anything else, and it actually starts in the kitchen. At night, I usually make myself a smoothie, cut some fruit, or drink some tea before starting my cleansing routine. I like the idea of putting something good in my body before I start to care for the exterior, if that makes any sense.

Then I start with the cleansing. This may sound strange, but cleansing my face is one of my favorite parts of my nighttime ritual. Maybe that's why I have two steps just to cleansing my face. But also, I've found that a double cleanse can do wonders for your skin, if you have the right products. 

Here's the my cleansing routine breakdown: 


First, I start with The Refresher, makeup removing wipes that contain a huge amount of antioxidants as well as plant-derived Squalane. I use it mainly to get that first layer of makeup off, but I also love that it leaves my skin feeling balanced and not dried out. This is a huge reason why I keep one of these in my purses at all times, for after a long day on set before I drive home, or after a workout. 


Next, I use the Purifier, which might be one of my favorite Biossance products of all time. I apply a few drops of this cleansing oil to my hands and work it into my dry face in small circles. Then I apply a few drops of water to create a very subtle lather before washing it off and drying my face. 

While washing your face with oil might sound counter-intuitive, especially to my oily-skinned girls (my people!), the right kind of oil can actually be incredibly beneficial for any skin type. The Purifier uses 8 plant-derived oils and extracts that soothe, moisturize, provide antioxidant protection, and deliver vitamins to the skin. Which is why I often prolong the massaging onto skin portion of the process. The Purifier also seems to give you an instant glow, which is something I'm always on the hunt for! 


Now that you know my nighttime ritual, what's yours? How do you care for yourself on a daily basis?

P.S. Between now and 3/31, use the code RITUAL10 to take $10 off %50 or more. Also, be sure to check out Biossance's The Embodied Project, where they share regular wellness tips (and a free sample of the Revitalizer if you sign up)! I just took their quiz, and I'm definitely inspired to care for myself even more now!




Photos by Nikko DeTranquilli