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Welp. Here we are again. Back on the bandwagon for getting healthy and in our best shape ever for the new year... how's everyone doing on that, btw? 

If you haven't exactly hit all your goals yet, I have news for you - sames... but that doesn't mean I'm not starting to kick it into gear. The key, at least for me, I've found is to be easy on yourself and find compromises. These first two weeks of the year have been pretty rough. We've had serious weather damage to some projects and some health scares, and running around like a mad woman hasn't helped me focus on anything I vowed to focus on which, which, when it's your resolutions, can be kind of disheartening. 

Luckily, I don't really consider it a new year until Chinese New Year, which conveniently, usually gives me about a month leeway! Also, I don't take my resolutions too seriously and I'm never hard on myself about them. Which is kind of my approach to fitness too - I've been switching it up a lot - not just because it's a lot harder to do my regular workouts in JT, but also because it's more fun to switch things up!

I've done a post like this before, but because I keep discovering new at-home workouts, below are some of my favorite workouts that I'm currently doing, that you can do at home or anywhere (except for one, which I had to add just because it's so good). 

BEFIT AMAZON: I've just started realizing how amazing Amazon can be, and not just for buying everything from a lipstick to mugwort seeds. They have an incredible array of fitness videos and different workouts. Right now, I'm trying out BeFit Amazon, which gives me access to videos from Ballet Beautiful, to Yogilates (now obsessed with yogilates btw), to Jillian Michaels. Favorite videos are definitely anything Yogilates and Jillian Michaels's Yoga Meltdown.

PILATESOLOGY: This is one I have just started getting into and have been loving so far! I've been purchasing a reformer down the line (not till the renovations are done), and this has a lot of great classes for reformers, as well as a huge array of mat classes and a bunch of different programs. Plus, it's only 19 a month... 

PHYSIQUE57: Barre and pilates inspired, the thing I love best about this site is that unlike most other sites that only offer monthly fees as a way to experience their online classes, you can rent a workout for 48 hours from Physique57 without having to do a full month. I've been renting a workout every now and then from them to switch things up and it's the perfect refresh. 

JESSICA SMITH TV: If you don't want all pilates, barre, or yoga, and if you don't want to pay anything, Jessica Smith TV offers a ton of free at-home workouts that are constantly updated so you're ever bored. Check here for the types of workouts that you can do from the comfort of your own home!

FORTE: Ok this one is pretty exciting to me and I've only just begun to explore it, but thought I would share anyway since it's totally different. Forte allows you to take real workout classes from the best studios from every city - right at home! It's live stream, so you're actually taking the class with an actual class (except they can't see you fall over so in a way, it's even better than the real thing). And if you can't make the live classes (ie no 6 am class on EST while I'm sleeping away on PST), they all go to a library bank where you can use them anytime. Game. Changing. With the vast majority of their studios coming from the East Coast, this feels extra special for a West Coast gal...

KEELO: This is my favorite get-results workout app to date. It's (mostly) free HIIT workouts that you can do anywhere. If you're not familiar with HIIT workouts, HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training, it's a series of exercises that alternate short periods of intense exercise with lesser intense recovery periods, resulting in shorter workouts (none of these are longer than 20 minutes) with extreme results. When I can't run, this is the app I rely on to get myself back into great shape fast!

ROCKSALT PILATES: So this isn't exactly an at-home workout. In fact, at all. But I loved it so much I wanted to mention it anyway! This was hands down the most fun and challenging pilates class I have ever taken. I missed my strength class due to a minor fender bender, but in my 'sweat' class, I did just that! It was a mix of high cardio and strength, and we used the reformers in completely new ways which made it not only super fun, but a fantastic workout. They have studios sprinkled throughout the Bay Area and I highly recommend them!

How do you keep fit at home? Have you tried any of these before? Would love to hear!