When it comes to trends, I sometimes take a little longer to jump on them. It's not because I don't want to be wearing the latest digs ASAP, because obviously I do. But rather than snatch up the hottest 'it' item of the moment, I prefer to search just a little longer for the right piece that not only speaks to me on a personal level, but has a longevity to it that will span long beyond a trend's 'honeymoon period,' so to speak. 

Ever since the seventies trend exploded, I knew I was going to love it long and hard. So finding the right items was essential. Raw edge, high waist denim flared jeans? Yes. Semi-cropped blouses with pussy bow ties? Obvs. Braless? Ummmmmmm.......

While there are a billion tops that I would love to wear that require leaving your bra at home, I've been avoiding them all until now - I don't know what it is about this perfectly cut top that fully prevents risk of a nip slip, but I feel shockingly safe and secure. And sexy. Did I mention I feel far more sexy than any push up bra could ever promise? 

But just in case you still have separation anxiety from your bra (which I totally get), if you saw my snapchat last week (shameless plug --> follow: tienlyn), this top looks just as good (and more daytime appropriate maybe) when worn with a black lace bra. And there you have it.