/   HAT   /   SHIRT   /   SKIRT   /   SHOES   /   BAG   / SUNGLASSES (Prada, similar   HERE   and   HERE  )  / 

/ HAT / SHIRT / SKIRT / SHOES / BAG / SUNGLASSES (Prada, similar HERE and HERE)  / 

Ever since the wedding, I've been having a little trouble focusing on the serious to-do list that just seems to keep growing! We have a few friends coming to test out The GeoDome before we officially finish it up mid-week, so getting it all ready for them is a huge priority. Not to mention that we are now heading out of town end of the week for a competition that Nikko is in. Add to that my normal workload and the fact that we will have 1 week to prepare for Italy when we return, and then toss in a somewhat undiagnosed health issue (nothing too serious, mostly just painful and exhausting), and that is my life right now. 

Which is partly why I've been blasting the fight songs (here's what I've been playing on repeat) and donning the sporty goods regularly, not to mention introducing a few new productivity tricks that seem to really, well, do the trick. The one that's changed my life lately, is refusing to take calls or meetings before noon. When you work for yourself and you set your own schedule, it can sometimes be a little harder to keep focus, so giving myself several hours of uninterrupted, 'deep work' time per day has been a huge help. I turn my phone upside down, avoid social media aside from set breaks, and focus on the to-do list I organized for myself the day before. I don't even check email until 10 am so that I can keep my mind trained on the essential tasks at hand. 

How do you power through? Any productivity tricks? I'd love to hear!



/   HAT   /   SHIRT   /   SKIRT   /   BAG   / 


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