SHIRT (Old  Forever21 , similar   HERE   and   HERE  .   BODYSUIT  .   JEANS  .   BAG  ( slightly   smaller size   HERE ) .   HEELS  . BELT (vintage, similar   HERE   and   HERE  ). WATCH (similar   HERE   and   HERE  ).   NECKLACE  .   CUFF  .   RINGS  . 

SHIRT (Old Forever21, similar HERE and HEREBODYSUIT. JEANS. BAG (slightly smaller size HERE)HEELS. BELT (vintage, similar HERE and HERE). WATCH (similar HERE and HERE). NECKLACE. CUFF. RINGS

When you want to wear denim every day (which most days I do), having it come across as a different look time after time can be a challenge. One of my favorite tricks is with accessories - a fresh belt, a statement collar necklace and a fringe cuff will take it somewhere completely different than, say, a scarf and minimal jewelry. Another trick I love is to leave it unbuttoned with the sleeves rolled, yet somewhat unkempt. This is where a good bodysuit comes in handy - something I've been getting more and more into ever since I realized how much versatility they can bring to your layers. 

The final touch? A gorgeous bag, of course! When Marie Turnor came out with her famous Lunch clutch, I was pretty smitten. But when the Dinner came along, I knew I had found my perfect match (love my bags on the bigger side, I can't help it!). And just how well does tan work with denim and black?