I used to be the type of person who preferred to workout in the crappiest and oldest workout clothes you could possibly find. There was just something really freeing about being allowed to get as dirty and sweaty as possible. And while I still enjoy that every once in a while, one of my favorite tricks for getting myself up and at it these days, is to put on a workout ensemble that looks good enough to wear all day. It keeps me focused through my workout, plus it's something to look forward to when you just literally can't - if you know what I mean. 

I've taken a break from Bar Method - partly because of all the traveling we've been doing, but also because I've had this really strong urge to move as much as possible. For me, this means a lot more cardio than I've done in the past, mixed with heavy weights (adding weights to your workout will help you burn calories far more than just cardio alone).

But when it comes to cardio, I have one big trick that helps me get results faster than anything else:  I take one to three songs that I know each have an energetic part and a bit that's a little less intense, and I put them on repeat for about 20-30 min. I keep a steady pace during the slower parts, but when the energetic bits come on, I push myself as hard as I can. That intensity mixed with a tiny cool down will build more muscles and burn more calories than a steady jog and can be far more effective than a longer, slow cardio session. Plus, it keeps you from getting bored! Here are the three songs I've got on repeat (in the order I play them) at the moment: 




And if you give these a try while running (they also work on ellipticals pretty well), let me know how it goes!