I feel like at this point, I'm an old hand at having each foot in a different world. Being half Chinese half European is kind of what started it - I have such a mashup of cultures that I feel connected to - and that so many people might not notice from first glance. I feel like it's the same thing with style sometimes. While I have very specific things I like, they don't always belong to the same worlds. But then, that's what's so cool about fashion, right? You can take what you like from each genre and create something that is entirely your own. After all, it's in the process of editing out what you don't like, as well as being surprised by what inspires you that identity can be formed. 

Not to get all deep about crop tops or anything, but to me, this look is a mix that speaks pretty clearly to where my head is at these days. I've got one foot in your typical San Francisco weather and one down south in the desert. I'm going to be in both worlds on and off this entire summer and I have to say, I'm pretty excited to see what that's going to do to my wardrobe.