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/ TOP / JEANS / SOCKS / SHOES (Manolo Blahnik, similar HERE)

I've been a huge fan of socks with shoes ever since I had the epiphany that doing so meant I could wear all my favorite open toe number the entire year, no matter how cold it got. And when a trend means versatility, you can 100% count me on board. 

So what's the trick to wearing socks with shoes and looking like your dad on vacation in Hawaii? Step one: don't start with black socks and tevas (My dad did it once, true story. Don't worry. We showed him the error of his ways.). Step two: make sure the socks you are going with are pretty enough to show off. Thanks to Wolford's collection, which is chock full of top quality, comfy pieces that (shock gasp) actually stay up, no matter how much you squirm around in them. I should be covered here for the entire season (more favorites here, here (in black), and here). Step three: make sure the lines and thickness of your socks work with your shoe selection. Step four: keep it simple on top to show of those fancy feet of yours. For this outfit, I paired my new fave socks with another comfy Wolford favorite, my Pure Shirt in the prettiest rose gold ever (new favorite clothing color alert). 

Another bonus? If you haven't had the time to upkeep your pedi, all those open toed shoes you thought were off limits are now back on the table. There you have it, another lazy girl hack - and as the holidays start to get closer, I know I could use all the lazy girl hacks I can get!



Photos by Nikko DeTranquilli