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This is your warning that I'm partly deliriously happy and this post may reflect that in a manner that is too strong for Tuesday before coffee. With the Geodome well underway, the sun in full force, and a seriously positive outlook for Feb (is anyone else addicted to Susan Miller, by the way?), I've been feeling so happy, it's borderline alarming. There's a swirl of energy in the air that I swear I haven't felt in over a year and a half. Not to mention that our work load has picked up in a very cool way. I'm excited to start a couple new projects this month, including more video work, which I've been ecstatic about, realizing more and more that that's what makes me the absolute happiest. 

I've also realized that the spring is by far my favorite season in Joshua Tree. While the rest of the world is shrouded in blankets of snow, this place is wide awake. Which is perfect considering we're skipping NYFW for a few projects this month, opting to bask in the warmth of the west and the sun of the south. And I guess to get a little work done, as well!



Photos by Kelsey Bollig