Ever wish you could just transport yourself to Italy for a day of shopping? Ever since we realized we’ll be going to Italy next summer for my sister’s wedding, this thought has been consuming my mind. I can already imagine myself popping in and out of the shops, making new discovery after discovery, while realizing that I may just have to purchase another suitcase. Enter: Italist, which is essentially just that - a luxury shopping destination that offers not only must-have designers like Alexander Wang and Jil Sander, but also hard-to-find (in the US) Italian brands such as Le Sarte Pettegole and Brunello Cucinelli, among so many others.

Shopping with Italist is a similar experience to shopping the streets of Italy, and their offerings give you access to what you would find in most Italian boutiques. So if you’re like me and the next trip to Italy is not within the realm of 2016 but you still want the experience, Italist is your answer to shopping like a true Italian - right now.

Discovering labels and brands that are unique or have a special story to them is part of what fuels my interest in fashion and it’s also what prompted me to do an Italist review. To me, Italist is a wonderful kind of playground. Here are a few things that I’m coveting (and one that I bought, oops):


And an up-close-and-personal shot of my new little love, via Italist:  

There’s something so special about treating yourself to a gorgeous, well-crafted item. Even if it doesn’t start off as a sentimental purchase, I’ve found that when I invest in something that I know will last, I come to treasure it in a completely different way that’s a lot more meaningful. And while Italy will have to wait a year, I’m looking forward to enjoying my purchases from Italist right now!




Photos by Nikko DeTranquilli

In collaboration with Italist and Shopping Links