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It feels like a million years since we've been in Joshua Tree, what with all the mini trips we've been doing - and the timing couldn't be more perfect. Just missing the major storm that blew threw the desert only to return to bright, sunny skies, semi-short-sleeve weather, and the scenery of this gorgeous place set against a skyline of fully snow-covered mountains has been kind of a gift. 

It's a lot easier to remember why we love it here and what we love about it. Sure, we discovered a few leaks in the main house, which will have to be dealt with asap (who knew rain would be our biggest issue in the desert), but with skies like these, it's impossible not to feel optimistic. Plus, the Joshua Tree Geodome is starting to come along beautifully!! I'll be posting more to the account starting this week, so be sure to take a peak! We're still on schedule for opening in March!

With everything going on politically, I am constantly torn from wanting to run and protest to wanting to fully isolate myself. My balance has been to stay fully informed while making sure to take time to unplug for a little clarity and perspective. And if there's one thing Joshua Tree can really do, it's give you perspective. 

Sending love from this magical place!


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