Red and Yellow

The other day, we were driving through our neighborhood when I exclaimed, 'The leaves are out of control!' to which Nikko promptly burst out laughing. I see his point, as Toronto (where he's originally from) has already seen its fair share of snow, while I'm still sauntering about legs bared, sans coat. But while we may not see extremes, I'm still completely enraptured with the abundance of red and yellow leaves that scatter the streets.

I recently pulled out my grandmother's Chanel bag - I don't use it often because of its sentimental value, but I've been feeling a little more buttoned up in my fall garb, and this purse just fits the bill. It's also got me thinking more about cross body bags. I have always preferred the bigger the better, but the size of this one is so convenient that I'm starting to think I might need to add something to my collection soon... 

What's your favorite thing about the Fall?



Photos by Nikko DeTranquilli