Juice Recipe: The Perfect 8


We are fascinated by how the different ingredients you put into juices can do different things for you. From glowing skin to detoxing your liver, to oxygenating your blood, there are so many good things that can come from your kitchen concoctions.

The only thing is that sometimes, we have a hard time focusing on only one benefit because who doesn't want it all? So after playing around in the kitchen a while, we came up with this juice recipe that does a little bit of everything. Here's the recipe and a quick breakdown of what each ingredient can do for you. 



1. Spinach: (Bright Eyes) Among a long list of other health and beauty nutrient perks, spinach is high in Lutein, which helps to keep your eyes nice and sparkly 

2. Carrots: (Skin)  Believe it or not, carrots are known to aid in fighting both acne and scarring. This is because they help repair skin tissue - and they also help protect your skin from sun rays! Plus the vitamin C helps to give you a gorgeous glow. 

3. Kale: (Immunity, Bone, Blood Health) 1 cup of chopped kale actually contains more vitamin C than an orange - so this is a great ingredient to help fight off any winter colds! Plus, it's a good source for iron, which helps with blood health and heart rate health. The list goes on, but another great benefit of kale is that it has a good proportion of calcium in it to aid in bone strength.  **NOTE: Any kind of kale will do, but we like Dino Kale because it's a little easier to put through the juicer and seems to yield more juice. 

4. Lemon: (Digestion, Colon, Bones, Nerves) While externally acidic, when you drink lemon juice, it actually works to alkalize the body, which helps with overall digestion. It also contains pectin fiber, which is great for promoting colon health as well as being antibacterial. Plus, it has high levels of potassium, which among other things, can help with bone and nerve health. (bonus: it's been said to also help prevent wrinkles)

5. Parsley: (Hair Growth) Parsley contains an antioxidant called flavanoid apigenin that has recently been discovered to help stimulate hair growth. This isn't the only benefit of this amazing herb (acne and under eye circles to name a few more), and there are also a lot of great topical uses for at home beauty treatments.

6. Blueberries: (Anti-Aging) Out of 40 common fruits and veggies, blueberries were ranked first in antioxidant activity - which has a direct effect on anti-aging. 

7. Apple: (Detox, Cancer and Alzheimer's Prevention) Fruits like apples are great for detoxing the liver. And since I don't believe in severe detox cleanses, making sure I get plenty of apples is one way I like to keep my liver clean and happy. Plus, a new study recently reported a link between drinking apple juice and fighting the effects of aging on the brain. And in our book, a more youthful brain means a more youthful you.

8. Flax Seed Oil: (Heart and Weight Loss) Flax Seed Oil contains high levels of Omega 3 Fatty Acids, which make it perfect for vegetarians. They're great to promote heart health as well as healthy cholesterol levels. On the vanity side of things, they help curb your appetite and also help you build lean muscle mass, which burns a lot more calories than fat and helps to improve your metabolism.   **NOTE: pour this into your cup directly and then pour your juice over it and stir