The Real Benefits Of Collagen

It seems as every day there is another health trend out on the market. From MCT oil to celery juice, there are a million different ways to spend your money in the pursuit of wellness. And while we tend to love trying them all, there are definitely some that yield better results than others.

One of our favorite habits has been incorporating collagen into our every day diet. From more supple skin to better joints, this is one ‘trend’ that not only has pretty significant nutritionist support, but anecdotally, has made a noticeable difference in our own lives.

While we’ve tried a lot of different brands, there’s one that stands out from the others - Shore Magic Collagen. Not only is it the purest and most ethically made, but it’s also the finest we’ve come across, making it easier than most to work into your meals.

We recently sat down with Shore Magic founder, certified health coach, and eating & diet specialist Joy Harari to pick her brain about why collagen is so beneficial, what it really does, how to work it into things you are already doing in the kitchen, and what makes Shore Magic so unique.


How did you start Shore Magic? 

When I started producing Shore Magic, collagen was not the buzzy, trendy ingredient it is today. I developed it as the answer to a need for a pure gut healing collagen. I needed an easy replacement for bone broth and I wanted it to be the purest, best quality option. When I began, my family members were taking Shore Magic for various health and anxiety issues. I used Shore Magic in my practice for five years before deciding to turn it into a brand and bring it to the world. It’s pharmacopoeia grade, 3rd party certified hypoallergenic, tested 2 times for purity, certified kosher, halal and GMP.

What does pharmacopoeia grade mean exactly?

Pharmacopoeia grade products must exceed 99% purity (natural sources) and contain no binders, fillers, excipients, dyes or unknown substances. Fewer than 3% of the products on the market are actually pharmacopoeia grade. We are proud to say Shore Magic collagen meets the purity standards for the United States, Europe and Japanese pharmacopoeia.  

How is collagen broken down and why is that important?

Hydrolyzed collagen is broken down for easy absorption. And how it is broken down is what makes it bioavailable - or not. We use natural proteolytic enzymes while most cheaper collagens use hydrochloric acid. Ours takes six hours to break down and we control the process to get a tiny absorbable molecule. Other collagens are hydrolyzed within minutes and are much less digestible. The residue of the hydrochloric acid can also act as an irritant to the delicate inner skin of the digestive tract. You can read more about the science behind collagen and our process on our website

How do you source your collagen? 

Marine collagen made from wild fish skins and produced with integrity as ours is, is the most compatible with human tissue. It’s efficacy on a cellular level and clinically is amazing.  We source Shore Magic from wild fish in the purest waters. These fish skins are sustainably sourced as a byproduct of the fish industry that would otherwise be discarded.


So what are the main benefits for ingesting collagen daily from a health perspective?

Our bodies are made of collagen - our bones, skin, hair, vital organs, muscle, joints connective tissue, everything. So when breakdown happens in our bodies, many times it’s about the loss of collagen. Even neurological issues - mental health and anxiety can be related to lack of collagen. Glycine is an amino acid that is abundant in Shore MagicCollagen. It is a precursor to the happy brain chemicals and is calming in effect and helps focus. I always say Shore Magic has a GPS. It goes where your body needs it most!

Can you tell me a little bit more about glycine and why it’s so beneficial?

Glycine is abundant in Shore Magic and is a precursor to the happy chemicals of the brain. This is why it may help with anxiety and depression. It may aid in detoxification and supports strong immune, digestive, and nervous systems. 

Some of the many health benefits of glycine may include:

  • helping build lean muscle mass

  • preventing muscle loss, muscle wasting or deterioration

  • Playing a role in the production of human growth hormone

  • Boosting mental performance and memory

  • Protecting skin from signs of aging or cellular mutations

  • Protecting  collagen in joints and helps to reduce joint pain

  • Improving flexibility and range of motion

  • Stabilizing blood sugar and lowering  risk for type 2 diabetes

  • Improving sleep quality

  • Helping to lower inflammation and free radical damage by increasing glutathione production.      

  • Helping to reduce risk for certain types of cancer

  • Helping to support build and heal the lining of the gastrointestinal tract

  • Helping to produce  bile salts and digestive enzymes

  • Helping to reduce allergic and autoimmune reactions

  • Helping boost energy levels and help to fight fatigue

  • Helping produce red blood cells

  • Helping to fight the effects of stress and anxiety

  • Helping to control symptoms of seizures, schizophrenia and mental disorders


 How is collagen beneficial from a purely beauty perspective? 

 As far as youth enhancement goes, we have to go below the surface. Aside from loss of skin elasticity and moisture, believe it or not, people mostly age because their bones, muscles and connective tissue are atrophying. The actual structure under the skin breaks down and as a result people look hallow and worn - and the skin sags. Good collagen like Shore Magic supports the structure of the face and body as well as helps to plump up the skin and maintain elasticity

After a couple of weeks of use, most people see the “GLOW.” Its results on skin, hair and nails are amazing. We have also seen scars resolve and less cellulite. We've seen such incredible results from Shore Magic!

We've heard and also had personal experience with collagen being a huge benefit for pregnancy - can you elaborate as to why this might be the case? 

A woman’s need for collagen doubles when she is pregnant. She is building a whole new body inside of her! It supports the growing baby and the mom. It also helps the elasticity of the skin - pregnant women have often shared how it helped their skin to not develop stretch marks. Hormone balance, mood balance, insulin balance, anti-inflammatory properties and anti-anxiety, are all supported with a good quality collagen like Shore Magic.


What’s your favorite way to incorporate collagen into your every day?

I’m actually very simple with how I like to eat. I’m a vegetable junky and feel my best eating simple colorful meals. I love my morning coffee (organic of course) with Shore Magic frothed into my almond milk. It mixes beautifully into coffee, tea, smoothies, yogurt, oatmeal, soups, really anything hot or cold, it's so easy to incorporate into your daily routine. 2 scoops, 1 pure ingredient, countless benefits.

We are  fanatics for good packaging and yours is fantastic. How did you come up with it?

I have a whole philosophy behind each component. First of all, it was very important to me that my packaging be sustainable and eco-friendly. So we used recycled paper for our containers. They had to be beautifully designed because I wanted people to leave them proudly out on their counter tops so they would remember to use them.

We also designed each package to come with a beautiful folded gold spoon that you can keep on top. I have a pet peeve about digging through powder to find a scooper. I feel it’s unsanitary and I care too much for my customers to have them do that. And I added a ribbon to pull up the seal so no one would break a nail.


About Joy Harari

Joy Harari is the founder of Shore Magic Collagen. She is a Certified Holistic Health Coach AADP, Certified EFT Coach, GAPS specialist, and a Psychology of Eating Specialist. As a Health Coach, her specialty is working with children on the autistic spectrum and adults with anxiety and depression. She is also the mom of five and the grandmother of some very wonderful grandchildren.