#MisfitPreferred: Rachel Saunders Ceramics


THE BACKSTORY: Our obsession with Rachel Saunders began when, on a trip, we first spotted her now famous womyn vase, which in the artist’s own words, was created as an ode to womyn everywhere. But alas, due to the nature of the trip, purchasing and packing said ceramic piece wasn’t exactly the most prudent move. Since then, we’ve pined for this piece (it’s sold out almost everywhere - but scroll to the bottom for one place it isn’t), while becoming massive Rachel Saunders fans.

WHAT IT IS: Rachel Saunders Ceramics is a Vancouver Island artist who creates simple yet elegant ceramic home items and jewelry.

WHY WE LOVE IT: Each one of her ceramic pieces are architectural and earthy with bold impact. Far from mass produced, each item is one-of-a-kind. They’re literal sculptures of art for the home - and at a decent price to boot.

THOUGHTFUL MISFIT TIP: If you love the womyn vase as much as we do, scroll down to the second to last image and click to shop it at one of the few places that still has it in stock. Or, go for the wearable gold pedant version to bring it into your everyday wardrobe…