In Pursuit of Happiness

 Isn't it funny how big life decisions can just kind of sneak up on you? I'm not talking about the traditional life cornerstones like graduating, getting married, kids, buying houses, etc. but more like little epiphanies that happen over time, slowly accumulating until they become larger realizations. And then you have to figure out how to act accordingly. 

I think my biggest realization this year, has been that being happy is incredibly important. I know that might sound obvious, but I've found that it can actually be quite complicated. Our culture so often insinuates (if not blatantly and directly insists) what it is that should make us happy, that it can be difficult to hear our own voice. 

I've made some big moves in the last year - I switched up the blog name, pushed myself hard career wise, dove into renovations and home design, and made some pretty intense dietary changes (giving up dairy and processed sugar), and if you've been reading and picked up on the not-so-subtle hints I've been dropping, there's more to come. And through all this, I've had little learning moments that have taught me more about myself and what I truly need to be happy than ever before. 

I'm not trying to make a big statement with this post, but more just to say that pursuing happiness is what I think life is all about. Even if it gives you anxiety sometimes, and even if it makes you feel silly, or weird, or out of place with what you might feel you're supposed to want. Because that true, in-your-core joy that makes everything else seem so much more vibrant, is worth all of that and then some.