/   TOP   / SKIRT (similar   HERE   and   HERE  ) / SHOES (similar   HERE   and   HERE  ) /   SUNGLASSES   /   EARRINGS (coming soon HERE)   / 

/ TOP / SKIRT (similar HERE and HERE) / SHOES (similar HERE and HERE) / SUNGLASSES / EARRINGS (coming soon HERE) / 

My favorite time of year for wearing whatever I want is the small window where a warm bright sun meets crisp blue skies, and turtlenecks make perfect sense with bare legs. It helps that this turtleneck is made from feather light Italian Merino wool, which means it's not only breathable, but feels amazing against your skin, no matter how much the sun decides to beat down, or how much the wind decides to pick up. 

Now that I'm really starting to feel better, it feels so good to get dressed and get out of the house - something I usually take for granted but feels like a total treat after over a week indoors... 

By the way, Happy International Women's Day! I'll be wearing red in solidarity today - how are you celebrating?