Pastel Vibrations

Hope you all had an excellent Easter! I spent the weekend doing something I don't often do - relaxing and sleeping. And it was amazing. These last few weeks I have been feeling extra drained of energy and to sum it up, just not feeling my best - both physically and mentally. The fact that I've been sleeping 5 hours a night and getting up for special projects on the weekends probably hasn't helped the cause. 

So this week, I made sleep and water my two priorities, aiming for 6-7 hrs of sleep during the week (not perfect, but better than 5) and 8-10 glasses of water a day, starting with 2 in the morning before coffee. It's a wonder what the basic essentials can do - better than any beauty treatment out there. And after feeling borderline superhuman after my 10 hour out-cold sleep last night, I decided to add in another habit I let fall by the wayside - vitamins! This week, I'm back on Evening Primrose Oil, Co-Q10, Pomegranate Extract, and a Food Based Multi Vitamin. I'll let you know how it goes. 

On another note, I've been feeling color for the first time in a long time - all pastels, it's true, but a wider spectrum than I'm usually attracted to, including the gorgeous lilac color of this skirt. I have a feeling there's lots more to come.