About a week and a half ago, Nikko and I attended the Palm Springs International Film Festival in support of one my best friends, near twin, and sometimes producer Alex Burunova, whose film, Lonely Planet, was playing as part of the festival.

I have to say, getting dressed was a little tricky. On one hand, I wanted to look nice, obviously. But on the other hand, that day just so happened to hit extreme highs (think 113 degrees). So my plan? Rock a bikini instead of a bralette (just in case there's a pool nearby), go with breezy lace and an open back, and shorts, of course. Because forget anything longer. and if it were a skirt, the length I want would hardly be decent.  Backup plan? Lurk in the shade at any chance given. Even if it means mild trespassing in order to take advantage of cool grass and a gorgeous wall of bougainvillea.