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We've been spending quite a bit of time in Palm Desert as of late, mostly due to Nikko practicing for the upcoming Footgolf Championship, but also thanks to a few articles I've been working on for Palm Springs Life and The Greater Palm Springs Tourism Bureau. Since it's a little further away for us than Palm Springs, it's an area we hadn't initially explored too much - but the more time we spend in the area, the more I fall in love with it - especially around the El Paseo area, which offers up some seriously excellent shopping and some cute little spots to eat. 

I'm really excited about starting to write more about and for the area - this is the first time in my life I've felt like I'm wholly  in the right place, except for maybe when we lived in Melbourne, but even there, the looming expiration of our visas made it difficult to envision a future. Here, I see our future as clear as day and I love it. I see us living in this area for the rest of our lives, if we want to. It has everything I want - that easy going lifestyle, space to think, friendly, self-educating, critical thinking people, art, culture, nature, good food, and room to thrive. And the more I learn about where we live, the more excited to throw myself even more into becoming immersed in this area.