Hello 2017, it's a pleasure to meet you! Can I first just say how long I've been waiting for this year to finally arrive? 2016 was a pretty rough year, and now that it's behind us, I'm feeling pretty motivated to leap into 2017 head first, starting with a serious focus on some new(ish) projects. 

I have some fun things in the works for the blog (think videos, all kinds of new health/beauty content that I'm really excited about and will get into more later this week), but we've also got a lot in the works renovation-wise, starting with buckling down hard on finishing up the Joshua Tree Geodome, which is our next AirBnB rental!

We spent some time over the break thinking about the look of this space vs. Cactus Mountain and how we want it to be similar in feel, but very much its own place. As I've really just started thinking about the Joshua Tree Geodome, my inspiration is a little disjointed at the moment, but I thought it would still be worth sharing. So here's a first stab at putting together inspo for our moodboard - as well as links for where to find a lot of it, or something similar. 

Happy New Year!



All photos sourced from Pinterest