Modernism Week: The West Elm Pool House

Wow this Modernism Week was good! From seeing several new homes to attending far more lectures and exhibits than I have in past years, I'm constantly amazed at how every season, I have a completely different experience. This year, Nikko and I started with a private tour of the West Elm House prior to its official opening. It was such a treat to experience the space in mostly solitude, enjoying the layout of the property, and West Elm's modern take on (often Italian inspired) Mid-Century.

While I loved the interiors, the outdoor area really stood out - the pool was certainly the main focus, but I also loved how many private little seating areas there were scattered around.

I also loved the murals - particularly the two done by Shawn Savage - I also loved how different they are from each other, which really helped to divide the spaces even further (the pink mural is my favorite). 

/ BAG /

/ BAG /

Interior wise, the Casita really stole my heart. Nikko and I were both smitten with the tiles and wallpaper in particular.

P.S. you can actually rent this house when you're in Palm Springs - here's the link... ;) 

I've got a few more home tours to come! Stay tuned..



Photos by Nikko Valentino