Modernism Week: Albert Frey House II

With Albert Frey having such a tremendous presence in Palm Springs (and considering he worked closely with my favorite architect Le Corbusier in his early career before coming to the U.S.), a stop by the Albert Frey House II was an absolute must this Modernism Week. And I have to say, it did not disappoint one bit. 

From the balance Frey found with the natural scape of the mountain (from building his glass bedroom wall around an enormous boulder to the careful study of the mountain's sunlight in every aspect of the design), to the efficiency of every inch of the layout and built-in furniture, to the elegance of midcentury lines, and romance that both the height and view offer (once the highest house in Palm Springs), I couldn't seem to soak up enough of the magic that just seemed to linger in the air.

The house was small (about 1000 feet if you include the add-on bedroom that came later), but with the glass walls, aluminum roof (now I want one!), and highly planned layout, I truly felt like I was just floating through the space. Plus, I could have spent hours geeking out over the little details, like his ledger with construction costs neatly scribbled inside, or the hidden pencil sharpener in the dining table that also served as his desk.