In theory, I've always loved the heat. But I think my definition of what 'heat' is has definitely been challenged in the last few weeks. The last time I found myself in 110 degree weather, it was in Melbourne, living on the 12th floor in the heart of downtown - a good few weeks of which was spent without air conditioning (long story). This last week has been quite similar in many ways - we are still waiting on our appointment to have our air conditioner installed at Cactus Mountain - and while our house is shockingly well insulated so it's actually not needed for a good portion of the day, we've been using the heat as an excuse to escape to Palm Springs whenever we need to. 

I'm also learning to dress for the weather, which has made a world of difference. Maxi dresses are, of course, an essential. I can be picky about my maxi's because I feel like a lot of them can actually can make you look quite sloppy. But if you get the right one, not only are you supremely comfy, but you can end up looking effortlessly pulled together. For me, it's all about a clean fit and a great color and pattern. Once you get that down, all you need is a pretty pair of slides, a few accessories, and your sunscreen, of course!