If you read this blog regularly, you'll know I go through weird phases every now and then. First it was Crocodile Dundee, then it was Michael Landon from Little House on the Prairie (I mean, his hair.. also pretty much bought the exact hat he wears on the show). I don't know what to call my latest phase - it's part Mad Max, part Lone Ranger. It includes leather, scuffed boots, mini skirts, fringe, and the occasional organic material like bone, or quartz. But no matter what phase I go through, there's always a minimalist thread in it somewhere. Even if it's in just a single piece - like the camisole I'm wearing in this outfit. 

I think having one minimalistic piece is what makes experimenting so much easier. It provides a foundation for everything else. And if, for some reason, I decide that I am no longer obsessed with the Lone Ranger (seriously tho, like that will ever happen), my minimalistic pieces will still be there to carry me through the next phase.