The thing that first drew me to this dress was the gorgeous lace pattern and the body-skimming silhouette. But the thing that made me really love it, was the moment I put it on and felt almost empowered. It's such a statement piece. But what I love the most is that it's unapologetic in its femininity. 

So often we misperceive femininity to be a sign of weakness when really, when embraced, is a power all in its own. I've been thinking about that more and more with the way I dress - especially since I've been more and more drawn to feminine pieces. And let me tell you, the more I embrace femininity in the context of my own personal style, the more confident I've felt. 

We've got one hour until we head to the airport to pop over to Toronto for the next week - I've had so much fun in New York, but I'm ready for the next city and the next adventure! 

Lots of love to everyone on this gorgeous Tuesday!