Juicing 101: Juicing for Beauty

Last week, I got an email requesting a repost of a few of my favorite juice recipes. It couldn't have come at a better time. I've always been relatively healthy - I exercise 4-5 days a week, I don't eat meat, and I stick to a mostly plant-based diet. But there is always more you can do, and for the last six months, I have to admit I have been neglecting a few of my extra healthy habits that I have always felt make a huge difference.

I see better results with what I put in my body than with almost any topical beauty product that I have ever used, and I always feel and also look my best when I am juicing regularly.  So, I'm really excited to re-share three of my favorite juice recipes with you. I've been juicing for years, and have tons of favorite recipes, but these three are more beauty focused. I've started using these again regularly and hopefully, you will  love them as much as I do! 

(p.s. each image is numbered in the order I suggest juicing each veggie/fruit)


Ingredients (per serving) 

1 Apple (sliced into 4 pieces, core removed, skin intact)

1 Orange (peeled)

6 Strawberries (tops cut off)

3 Broccoli Florets

3 Cauliflower Florets

1 cup Kale

1 cup Spinach

Taste: Very sweet and fruity

Benefits: This is a great recipe if you are just getting into juicing. In my opinion, it's probably one of the most delicious juices you can make and you still get a healthy dose of veggies and greens. I turn to this recipe when I want an immunity boost due to the high levels of vitamin C. This juice is also a great source of vitamin K and antioxidants as well as a great non-dairy alternative to get a good start on your calcium intake (1 cup of kale had 15% of your daily requirement of calcium).

Tip: Start with the leafy greens and veggies and follow with the juicier fruits to help push the juice from the greens and veggies through. This works well for every juicing recipe. 


Ingredients (per serving):

1/2 Cucumber peeled, or unpeeled (up to you, but wash very well if unpeeled)

1/2 Lemon (unpeeled, but make sure to wash first)

6 Asparagus Spears (wash!)

Taste: Fresh, unsweet with a citrus scent

Benefits: This is one of my favorite recipes from the Jack Lalanne juice recipe book that came with my juicer. I make this drink every single day. While it's an overall detox, it also makes a difference in skin clarity as well as brighter eyes (I'm convinced!). This is a great drink for the morning after a junk-food fest or a few drinks too many, but also a great addition to maintaining your system on an everyday basis.

Tip: Try to drink all your juices within a few hours of making them for maximum nutritional benefit.


Ingredients (per serving):

4 Carrots with the tops cut off (make sure to wash first!)

1/2 cup Parsley

1 Apple (cut into 4 pieces, with core removed)

1 Cucumber (peeled or unpeeled, but wash well if peel is left on)

Taste: Sweet, mostly like carrots with a hint of apple.

Benefits: The name really does say it all. After the first week of drinking this recipe regularly, I felt like I had that glow that you get after a really great facial. Carrots can help to detox the liver, which is great for preventing acne and improves overall skin clarity. They also contain a high level of beta carotene, which can help slow down the aging process. While my interest in this recipe is mainly for beauty purposes, you also get your vitamin K and anti-inflammatory benefits from the parsley. (side-note: cucumbers are also great for the hair, as they have a high level of B vitamins and the silicon and sulfur contained in cucumbers has been said to stimulate hair growth)

Tip: I like to make two juices in a single juice session and transfer my second juice to a pre-refrigerated glass bottle (I use empty Kombucha bottles) to drink on the go when I have to head out the door. This is the easiest way to guarantee you get two juices in a single day, and it's a lot cheaper than buying a second juice when you are out and about!

Tip: No matter what you end up putting in your juicer, one trick I have found that works wonders for taste is to add an apple to any recipe. This is a great way to ease into the more veggie heavy recipes.


Oh and P.S. Remember when I said I had something to tell you last week? Just wanted to let you know I've been working hard on creating lots of new kinds of content! I've gotten great feedback on my small forays in to health, beauty and lifestyle, and these things are such a big part of my life, that I really want to bring more of it right here to Thoughtful Misfit. So starting now, expect to see more content like this as well as beauty (and fashion) videos, recipes, etc. peppered into the mix! And if there's something you want to see, I'm all ears!