#MisfitPreferred: It Cosmetics Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil



After discovering the magic that is micro blading, our eyebrow game changed for the better. Albeit painful (unless you go to brow genius Angelina Mancinas in which case, it’s practically painless), micro blading is the easiest way to wake up with perfect brows.

That doesn’t mean, however, that a girl doesn’t want a little touch up here and there, between sessions. Or, in our case, needs to lay off the micro blading for a minute due to preggo precautions.

After years of using brow powder and an angled brush, we discovered something a lot more natural looking - and long lasting, the It Cosmetics Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil, and have never looked back. At this point, we’ve gone through about 6 of these and simply refuse to use any other brow pencil….


While there are other brow pencils that claim to have a universal color, this one actually does. From blonde to brown to black (and even grey), this firm pencil is retractable (no sharpening needed) and fills in and shapes to natural perfection. It also has a brow brush on the back to soften and blend.


While the Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil is our go-to weapon of choice, there are now two more options - Brow PowerFULL Eyebrow Pencil (with a triangular tip for bold definition and volume) and the Brow Power Micro Eyebrow Pencil (with a micro-fine pencil tip that does the work for you to achieve feathery, natural-looking definition)


Sleek brows can change your entire look and pull you together like nothing else. This pencil gives you all the shape and definition your heart desires, but with a natural, elegant look. This pencil also doesn’t travel all ovr your face like some other pencils do, so rest assured, your brows won’t end up somewhere else on your forehead. Plus bonus points for not needing to sharpen it ever - and for how long one pencil will last you.


Start by using this pencil to shape and fill the emptiest part of your brow first with light, upward strokes. Lightly outline the rest of your shape, focusing on the bottom line in particular. Use the brow brush on the other side to brush through your entire brow in short, upward strokes to blend and feather for a defined, natural look.