DRESS.     HEELS  .   NECKLACE. 

                                                            DRESS. HEELS. NECKLACE. 

Isn't it amazing how the right dress can nearly transform you into a different person? That's how I felt when I slipped on this dress by 8th Sign - a relatively new label that I'm totally in love with. Their dresses have a mix of fashion forward sex appeal and sophistication that seem to suit every occasion - especially around this time of year! 

I wore this dress for a special date night with my husband at our new favorite local restaurant, Bird Dog and ended up nearly being late after we spontaneously decided to try shooting it indoors before we left - something I think we'll be trying again soon!  Oh and P.S. if you are in the Bay Area, make sure to stop by Bird Dog - it's hands down my favorite dinner spot in Palo Alto and offers a great mix of top quality fish, veggies, and meats. And while everything on the list is insanely tasty, make sure to try the grilled avocado and the farro - you will not be disappointed! I was floored by how incredible these two dishes were!

Hope your week is off to a festive start!!