As far as the holidays go, I'm pretty notorious in our family for being kind of crappy at most of it. I leave gift buying to the last second, am famous for terrible wrapping, and typically eat all the advent calendar chocolates by the end of the first week of December. But this year was a full 180. Not only did we have our tree up by Nov 1 (early, I know, but I had a hankering), but most gifts have already been bought, and we even planned the tree ahead of time and made our own ornaments. 

This year, I also took control of my own holiday aesthetic - from our boob tree ornaments (with a few speedo-clad santas for good measure), to our black and navy minimalist, artist-designed wrapping scheme (if you use all the same wrapping paper, you don't have write who it's from on the package - and tied with knots, never bows), to taking control of the family holiday cards (black and white of course, with a collaged photo of us since we're never in the same place at the same time). And for the first time, I kind of feel like I'm holiday-ing like a real grown up. 

Course, most of this is thanks to's awesome selection of independent artist-designed everything from wrapping paper, to customizable holiday cards, to stationary, and even home decor. And with my sister's wedding coming up, I will definitely be utilizing everything and anything! In fact, we've already started designing the invites - can't wait to show you and get your input on which one you like best! 

Happy pre-holiday holiday'ing!



P.S. are few other favorite wrapping paper/ribbon combos and holiday cards from Minted:

Photos by me