A Multi-Tasker's Cheat Sheet To High-Impact Self Care

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Let’s be honest - it’s a lot easier to take in all the articles, social media posts, blog posts and podcasts that talk about the importance of self-care than it is to actually keep some kind of consistent routine of self care going in our daily lives. After all, life as a modern woman in any stage can be pretty insane on a day to day basis. I mean, how often do you even manage to drink your entire cup of coffee while it’s still hot, amiright?

So while we can all probably focus a little more on ourselves on a day-to-day basis, it’s also nice to take the guilt out of not doing self-care perfectly, a la filtered bubble bath ‘gram with candles style. So whether you’re booking it to meeting after a 10-hr work day or battling toddlers and the multitude of accompanying obligations (or both), here’s a quick cheat sheet to high-impact, multi-tasking self-care to help sneak in a little extra something for yourself on a daily basis.

Take A 10 Minute Walk With A Podcast

No time for the gym? Even a 10 minute walk will do wonders for your bod. From the waistline to heart (and bone) health to brain function to circulation, the benefits reaped in a short 10 minutes are massive. Hell, it even helps with pains and aches, as believe it or not, a huge deal of lower back and joint pain actually comes from underuse and not overuse. Pop on the podcast of your choice and double up on the benefits of your 10 minutes. Learn something new or just take a mental break from the rest of your life - either way, it’s time well spent.


10 Minute Decluttering With A Face Mask

This one might not be for everyone, but for those of us who find decluttering the ultimate de-stressor (raises hand), just 10 minutes a day can make a massive difference in both clearing your space and clearing the mind. To make it more self-care and less like actual work, focus on an area that is either easy for you to see a big difference quickly, like the nursery, or an area that you gravitate towards when you’re relaxing, like the living room, bathroom, or bedroom. Not only will you be freeing up your mind and space while you declutter, but you’ll also ensure that should any downtime pop up in the near future, you’ll get to reap the benefits of that 10 minutes spent double-fold. And while you’re at it, pop on a face mask to turn your meditatively productive time into a moment of beauty too. Quick masks are ideal for this, like Biossance’s Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Mask, which you can leave on between 5 and 10 minutes and is gentle enough to use on a daily basis. It uses stabilized 10% pure vitamin C (the stabilized aspect is crucial when looking for effective vitamin C products, btw) and transforms dull skin within minutes - not to mention improves texture and discoloration over time.

Or…… you could do what a friend does, and apply a mask as part of ‘dress up play time’ with her kids…  or just do like Cher, DGAF, and wear said mask to run errands… just saying…

Image via  @fondamexican

Image via @fondamexican

Schedule Your Meetings At A Health(ier) Cafe

Work out of co-working spaces or coffee shops? Or even if you don’t, try getting out of the office for your next set of meetings and holding them in a cafe or lunch spot that focuses on organic, healthy foods. You don’t waste time, but having a chance in scenery and no choice but to fuel your bod with better options are great ways to both boost your health while getting shit done.

Literally Just Say No

Honestly, it’s as simple as that. Although it’s actually harder than it can seem to actually do it. But reaffirming your boundaries on a daily basis is truly one of the best forms of self-care. And for the busiest of women, this is the one self-care act that will take up the least amount of your time in the day. In fact, it will often save you time. As women, we are often expected to say yes to everything. We are supposed to be able to do it all and taught that we should try to make everyone like us. But in reality, this is a recipe for self-destruction. Learning to be ok with not being able to help everyone (and to even have some people not like us) is an important skill. And when you say no, or choose not to engage, those who actually care about your wellbeing will understand and respect you for it. Setting boundaries, whether they be large or small, is crucial to our psyche, our energy and happiness levels, and our overall mental health.

So what are we saying no to? Anything that you feel doesn’t serve you and your goals! From that unnecessary meeting, to engaging in unwanted small talk, to any project you don’t have your heart in, to gossip, to that second drink because everyone else got one, to the random guy who thinks he has the right to tell you to smile, to dinner plans, to staying at a party longer than you want, to watching the news.