One of the things I love the most about tonal dressing is that when you do it with a neutral color, all the details really stand out. Plus for some reason, it gives your skin a really pretty glow. 

This summer, I'm all about the glow. From getting back to basics with my eating to swapping out my skincare for some really cool new products (more on that later), to working on wearing less makeup (but still playing with some cool shimmers and bronzers), this summer is all about glowing skin. And of course that also means regular facials, which is partly why I though you guys might be really into this very cool collaboration between Massage Envy and Murad. 

From July 5 to August 2, both Massage Envy members and guests can get $10 off Massage Envy's Four Murad® Healthy Skin facials, specially designed by Dr. Howard Murad, plus a free Murad® sample - and if you pre-book an August facial in July, you will also get a Murad skincare kit. Double score!

Personally, I'm going in next week so I can be prepped and ready for little-to-no-makeup in Hawaii. I can't wait, especially after going in and out of dry to humid weather for the last month and half.